We do Flash.

HomePage’s experience extends to Flash video, game production, animation and highly interactive customer presentations.

We are happy to build standalone Flash projects for delivery on any Flash-compatible platform, or to build Flash versions of interfaces that are also mirrored by – for example – HTML5 interfaces for presentation of similar information on an iPhone.

Contact us to find out more or to ask any questions.


What are your typical fees for Flash development?

It varies wildly – a Flash project can range through many levels of complexity.

As a rule of thumb, we would expect small items such as online ads to cost between £100 and £500 to produce, and prices to rise from there.

Flash production can be highly labour-intensive, and so it’s hard to pin a typical price onto a Flash project without knowing some of the scope. But in general we’re proud to be a small, focused development team, and would expect to give you a very quick and realistic response on pricing and timescales if you get in touch with your project requirements.

But what about iPhones and iPads? Flash doesn’t work there, right?


That’s why for Apple mobile devices, we will plan to build alternative versions of your Flash content using HTML5 and JavaScript solutions. And in many cases, we’ll increasingly recommend these more universal solutions in preference to Flash.

Flash-based work-in-progress produced in partnership with Second Circle with base artwork from Max Ellis, intended as an element of Bill Bailey’s stage show back-projection. All movements are randomised, rather than designing a pre-programmed animation that runs identically every time.