Online Coupons & Barcodes

HomePage Media, in collaboration with PIMS-SCA, has developed the technologies behind the e-Demption service – a method of administering and printing discount shopping coupons for promotional marketing.

e-Demption offers consumer-product marketing managers the ability to run special offers, whereby the customer registers online for the offer (for example, by collecting on-pack codes, or following links from online ads or Facebook pages), and then prints out a coupon using their desktop printer. They then redeem the coupon in-store for free products, money-off next purchase (MONP) and other offers.

The e-Demption service tracks all voucher usage and uses no special software on the customer’s part, aside from a web browser and the free Flash player. PIMS-SCA’s insurance experience allows any over-redemption of the coupons to be covered through fixed-fee insurance, so that the e-Demption campaign offers zero risk to the marketing manager.

Already used successfully in large-scale promotions for Kellogg’s, Mars, Coca-Cola and Carling, e-Demption is a fast-growing, no-risk brand in this highly consumer-oriented marketplace.

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How much will it cost to run an e-Demption campaign?

Final fees depend on the number of coupons that you expect to issue, and the value of the offer that you’re making on each coupon.

e-Demption campaign financing is based on a fixed-fee insurance service, which guarantees that even if your customers massively over-redeem the coupons, you will not lose out.

All quotes for e-Demption services are handled by our venture partner, PIMS-SCA.

How quickly can a campaign be up and running?

We pride ourselves on having a streamlined, efficient service. If you already have your offer details in place, and guideline artwork for us to build the coupon design, then your customers can be printing their e-Demption coupons online within days and redeeming them at major retailers.

In past campaigns for high-profile brands, we have typically had the process in place within 3 weeks – including all legal issues, insurance coverage, customer registration systems, and business links in place to ensure barcodes on coupons will be successfully read by leading UK supermarkets.

Can you integrate e-Demption with my existing customer management websites?

This is a common request, and we’re happy to make all of the relevant connections.

A typical requirement is that the brand manager initially captures customer details for a campaign (for example, requesting on-pack that the customer registers for an offer on a branded web site), and then needs to pass registration details across to e-Demption to trigger the coupon printout.

We handle such requirements routinely, securely, and with only a small amount of technical work on the part of the brand’s website.