50 Lessons

HomePage Media has been a strategic partner for the 50 Lessons business since the company’s launch in 2003, since when 50 Lessons has grown to a multi-million-dollar annual turnover and moved its business headquarters from London to Boston USA. In 2011, the project was purchased by global business-learning leaders SkillSoft, who continue to work with HomePage on all aspects of 50 Lessons.

The 50 Lessons site showcases a wide range of HomePage Media’s skills, including streaming of online video, membership management, complex database configuration, multi-lingual content, eCommerce, Flash, and mobile content.

HomePage Media manages all technical aspects of 50 Lessons’ online presence. This includes site design, all hosting management (which in this case includes management of global services with prime locations in the UK, US and China), all database and logic design, and all interactive processes.

50 Lessons interface