Web Design

HomePage has been producing websites for clients in the UK, USA, China, Europe and the Middle East since 1995.

Over that period, we’ve developed a large background knowledge and strong skills in the efficient and effective design of sites – with design covering both the graphic-design of the interface, and the design of the data architecture and processing that drives the site content.

Contract HomePage to produce your web presence and you’ll be working with a team that combines all elements of site design – including graphics, data processing, content, traffic management, hosting technology, security, database structuring, email systems, and more – so that each element works in harmony with the others.

The result is a website that serves quickly, looks professional, is easy to navigate, incorporates the most recent web innovations, and which works as part of your company's strategic Internet plan.

Contact us to find out more or to ask any questions.


How much will this cost?

It’s impossible to be precise before we know the details of your project, but our typical fees range from £400/$600 for simple information sites, through to several thousand for complex projects. There is no lower or upper limit as such – we take each project as it comes. But we will certainly be honest about the budget you’ll need.

The essential point is: if you’re looking for super-cheap project work, we’re probably not the droids you’re looking for. But our rates are very cost-effective for the kind of work we do, and we’d be happy to give you a straightforward, honest and (and far as we can judge) accurate quote if you send us an outline of your requirements.

Can we discuss my proposed project in confidence?

Of course.

We are business people, too, and understand that if you’re planning something great on the Internet, you want to keep the details close to your chest until launch day. We respect that.

Anything you send to us will be treated in strictest confidence. If it conflicts in any way with work we’re already doing, then the first thing we’ll do is tell you that we need to step back from this one.

We can even send you a complete non-disclosure agreement, to set the mutual privacy in stone.

How long will all this take?

We’ll answer any initial questions within a day.

Project build-times naturally vary, but once a plan is in place you will have a full timeline for the project development, through to launch day.

Back-of-an-envelope calculations? Probably about 2–4 weeks for straightforward projects, and 1–3 months for highly detailed stuff. But development times can be compressed if the budgets permit it.