Membership Websites

The web’s an unrivalled place to publish information for general consumption, but what if you want to keep things private, available to a limited, qualified audience?

Many of our websites have some form of page-locking, allowing our clients to specify content that is strictly for a defined audience – such as paying customers, internal staff, or any other specific group who share an interest and who will benefit from exclusive content.

HomePage can construct your website to cater for any number of specific sub-groups, and incorporate management tools that will enable you to see exactly who has access to what, and to view the reports on what has been accessed, when. Coupled with our database experience, our ability to build a strong wall between public materials and private content ensures that your website caters only for the people that you trust, and gives them just the information that they need.

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Does it cost extra to limit access to my information?

Not necessarily.

We have built a web publishing platform that provides page-locking options right out of the box. It has a full content management system, so you can very quickly be customising your pages and setting up a limited list of people to whom the information is available.

We will even take care of paid subscriptions to your data.

Can I see who has accessed what?


We will be happy to build custom reports to give you a full breakdown of which resources (web pages and downloadable documents) have been accessed, so that you can adjust your publishing to better suit your readership.

Can I mix private and public data?


With our ready-made system you can designate any page as either public or private, and we will gladly build any custom system for you to more clearly delineate the content that can be accessed solely by members – or to group members into specific sets of customers who may have differing levels of access to information.