HTML ISO-8859-1 Entity Codes

In general, if you have to go through some keyboard shenanigans to get a character to appear in a word processor or your web layout program, then the chances are that the browser will not produce the chosen character correctly on all platforms. Instead, you need to use “entity codes” to tell the browser exactly what you want it to show.

This table shows the “&” codes for the entire web-legal character set.

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Name +
Official name(s)DigitHexNote
nbsp no-break space (non-breaking space)16000A0ISOnum
iexcl¡inverted exclamation mark16100A1ISOnum
cent¢cent sign16200A2ISOnum
pound£pound sign16300A3ISOnum
curren¤currency sign16400A4ISOnum
yen¥yen sign (yuan sign)16500A5ISOnum
brvbar¦broken bar (broken vertical bar)16600A6ISOnum
sect§section sign16700A7ISOnum
uml¨diaeresis (spacing diaeresis)16800A8ISOdia
copy©copyright sign16900A9ISOnum
ordfªfeminine ordinal indicator17000AAISOnum
laquo«left-pointing double angle quotation mark (left pointing guillemet)17100ABISOnum
not¬not sign17200ACISOnum
shy­soft hyphen (discretionary hyphen)17300ADISOnum
reg®registered sign (registered trade mark sign)17400AEISOnum
macr¯macron (spacing macron, overline APL overbar)17500AFISOdia
deg°degree sign17600B0ISOnum
plusmn±plus-minus sign (plus-or-minus sign)17700B1ISOnum
sup2²superscript two (superscript digit two, squared)17800B2ISOnum
sup3³superscript three (superscript digit three, cubed)17900B3ISOnum
acute´acute accent (spacing acute)18000B4ISOdia
microµmicro sign18100B5ISOnum
parapilcrow sign (paragraph sign)18200B6ISOnum
middot·middle dot (Georgian comma, Greek middle dot)18300B7ISOnum
cedil¸cedilla (spacing cedilla)18400B8ISOdia
sup1¹superscript one (superscript digit one)18500B9ISOnum
ordmºmasculine ordinal indicator18600BAISOnum
raquo»right-pointing double angle quotation mark (right pointing guillemet)18700BBISOnum
frac14¼vulgar fraction one quarter (fraction one quarter)18800BCISOnum
frac12½vulgar fraction one half (fraction one half)18900BDISOnum
frac34¾vulgar fraction three quarters (fraction three quarters)19000BEISOnum
iquest¿inverted question mark (turned question mark)19100BFISOnum
AgraveÀLatin capital letter A with grave (Latin capital letter A grave)19200C0ISOlat1
AacuteÁLatin capital letter A with acute19300C1ISOlat1
AcircÂLatin capital letter A with circumflex19400C2ISOlat1
AtildeÃLatin capital letter A with tilde19500C3ISOlat1
AumlÄLatin capital letter A with diaeresis19600C4ISOlat1
AringÅLatin capital letter A with ring above (Latin capital letter A ring)19700C5ISOlat1
AEligÆLatin capital letter AE (Latin capital ligature AE)19800C6ISOlat1
CcedilÇLatin capital letter C with cedilla19900C7ISOlat1
EgraveÈLatin capital letter E with grave20000C8ISOlat1
EacuteÉLatin capital letter E with acute20100C9ISOlat1
EcircÊLatin capital letter E with circumflex20200CAISOlat1
EumlËLatin capital letter E with diaeresis20300CBISOlat1
IgraveÌLatin capital letter I with grave20400CCISOlat1
IacuteÍLatin capital letter I with acute20500CDISOlat1
IcircÎLatin capital letter I with circumflex20600CEISOlat1
IumlÏLatin capital letter I with diaeresis20700CFISOlat1
ETHÐLatin capital letter ETH20800D0ISOlat1
NtildeÑLatin capital letter N with tilde20900D1ISOlat1
OgraveÒLatin capital letter O with grave21000D2ISOlat1
OacuteÓLatin capital letter O with acute21100D3ISOlat1
OcircÔLatin capital letter O with circumflex21200D4ISOlat1
OtildeÕLatin capital letter O with tilde21300D5ISOlat1
OumlÖLatin capital letter O with diaeresis21400D6ISOlat1
times×multiplication sign21500D7ISOnum
OslashØLatin capital letter O with stroke (Latin capital letter O slash)21600D8ISOlat1
UgraveÙLatin capital letter U with grave21700D9ISOlat1
UacuteÚLatin capital letter U with acute21800DAISOlat1
UcircÛLatin capital letter U with circumflex21900DBISOlat1
UumlÜLatin capital letter U with diaeresis22000DCISOlat1
YacuteÝLatin capital letter Y with acute22100DDISOlat1
THORNÞLatin capital letter THORN22200DEISOlat1
szligßLatin small letter sharp s (ess-zed)22300DFISOlat1
agraveàLatin small letter a with grave (Latin small letter a grave)22400E0ISOlat1
aacuteáLatin small letter a with acute22500E1ISOlat1
acircâLatin small letter a with circumflex22600E2ISOlat1
atildeãLatin small letter a with tilde22700E3ISOlat1
aumläLatin small letter a with diaeresis22800E4ISOlat1
aringåLatin small letter a with ring above (Latin small letter a ring)22900E5ISOlat1
aeligæLatin small letter ae (Latin small ligature ae)23000E6ISOlat1
ccedilçLatin small letter c with cedilla23100E7ISOlat1
egraveèLatin small letter e with grave23200E8ISOlat1
eacuteéLatin small letter e with acute23300E9ISOlat1
ecircêLatin small letter e with circumflex23400EAISOlat1
eumlëLatin small letter e with diaeresis23500EBISOlat1
igraveìLatin small letter i with grave23600ECISOlat1
iacuteíLatin small letter i with acute23700EDISOlat1
icircîLatin small letter i with circumflex23800EEISOlat1
iumlïLatin small letter i with diaeresis23900EFISOlat1
ethðLatin small letter eth24000F0ISOlat1
ntildeñLatin small letter n with tilde24100F1ISOlat1
ograveòLatin small letter o with grave24200F2ISOlat1
oacuteóLatin small letter o with acute24300F3ISOlat1
ocircôLatin small letter o with circumflex24400F4ISOlat1
otildeõLatin small letter o with tilde24500F5ISOlat1
oumlöLatin small letter o with diaeresis24600F6ISOlat1
divide÷division sign24700F7ISOnum
oslashøLatin small letter o with stroke (Latin small letter o slash)24800F8ISOlat1
ugraveùLatin small letter u with grave24900F9ISOlat1
uacuteúLatin small letter u with acute25000FAISOlat1
ucircûLatin small letter u with circumflex25100FBISOlat1
uumlüLatin small letter u with diaeresis25200FCISOlat1
yacuteýLatin small letter y with acute25300FDISOlat1
thornþLatin small letter thorn with25400FEISOlat1
yumlÿLatin small letter y with diaeresis25500FFISOlat1
Mathematical, Greek and symbolic characters
Latin Extended-B
fnofƒLatin small f with hook (function, florin)4020192ISOtech
AlphaΑGreek capital letter alpha9130391 
BetaΒGreek capital letter beta9140392 
GammaΓGreek capital letter gamma9150393ISOgrk3
DeltaΔGreek capital letter delta9160394ISOgrk3
EpsilonΕGreek capital letter epsilon9170395 
ZetaΖGreek capital letter zeta9180396 
EtaΗGreek capital letter eta9190397 
ThetaΘGreek capital letter theta9200398ISOgrk3
IotaΙGreek capital letter iota9210399 
KappaΚGreek capital letter kappa922039A 
LambdaΛGreek capital letter lambda923039BISOgrk3
MuΜGreek capital letter mu924039C 
NuΝGreek capital letter nu925039D 
XiΞGreek capital letter xi926039EISOgrk3
OmicronΟGreek capital letter omicron927039F 
PiΠGreek capital letter pi92803A0ISOgrk3
RhoΡGreek capital letter rho92903A1 
SigmaΣGreek capital letter sigma93103A3ISOgrk3
TauΤGreek capital letter tau93203A4 
UpsilonΥGreek capital letter upsilon93303A5ISOgrk3
PhiΦGreek capital letter phi93403A6ISOgrk3
ChiΧGreek capital letter chi93503A7 
PsiΨGreek capital letter psi93603A8ISOgrk3
OmegaΩGreek capital letter omega93703A9ISOgrk3
alphaαGreek small letter alpha94503B1ISOgrk3
betaβGreek small letter beta94603B2ISOgrk3
gammaγGreek small letter gamma94703B3ISOgrk3
deltaδGreek small letter delta94803B4ISOgrk3
epsilonεGreek small letter epsilon94903B5ISOgrk3
zetaζGreek small letter zeta95003B6ISOgrk3
etaηGreek small letter eta95103B7ISOgrk3
thetaθGreek small letter theta95203B8ISOgrk3
iotaιGreek small letter iota95303B9ISOgrk3
kappaκGreek small letter kappa95403BAISOgrk3
lambdaλGreek small letter lambda95503BBISOgrk3
muμGreek small letter mu95603BCISOgrk3
nuνGreek small letter nu95703BDISOgrk3
xiξGreek small letter xi95803BEISOgrk3
omicronοGreek small letter omicron95903BFNEW
piπGreek small letter pi96003C0ISOgrk3
rhoρGreek small letter rho96103C1ISOgrk3
sigmafςGreek small letter final sigma96203C2ISOgrk3
sigmaσGreek small letter sigma96303C3ISOgrk3
tauτGreek small letter tau96403C4ISOgrk3
upsilonυGreek small letter upsilon96503C5ISOgrk3
phiφGreek small letter phi96603C6ISOgrk3
chiχGreek small letter chi96703C7ISOgrk3
psiψGreek small letter psi96803C8ISOgrk3
omegaωGreek small letter omega96903C9ISOgrk3
thetasymϑGreek small letter theta symbol97703D1NEW
upsihϒGreek upsilon with hook symbol97803D2NEW
pivϖGreek pi symbol98203D6ISOgrk3
General Punctuation
bullbullet (black small circle)82262022ISOpub
helliphorizontal ellipsis (three dot leader)82302026ISOpub
primeprime (minutes, feet)82422032ISOtech
Primedouble prime (seconds, inches)82432033ISOtech
olineoverline (spacing overscore)8254203ENEW
fraslfraction slash82602044NEW
Letterlike Symbols
weierpscript capital P (power set, Weierstrass p)84722118ISOamso
imageblackletter capital I (imaginary part)84652111ISOamso
realblackletter capital R (real part symbol)8476211CISOamso
tradetrade mark sign84822122ISOnum
alefsymalef symbol (first transfinite cardinal)85012135NEW
larrleftwards arrow85922190ISOnum
uarrupwards arrow85932191ISOnum
rarrrightwards arrow85942192ISOnum
darrdownwards arrow85952193ISOnum
harrleft right arrow85962194ISOamsa
crarrdownwards arrow with corner leftwards (carriage return)862921B5NEW
lArrleftwards double arrow865621D0ISOtech
uArrupwards double arrow865721D1ISOamsa
rArrrightwards double arrow865821D2ISOtech
dArrdownwards double arrow865921D3ISOamsa
hArrleft right double arrow866021D4ISOamsa
Mathematical Operators
forallfor all87042200ISOtech
partpartial differential87062202ISOtech
existthere exists87072203ISOtech
emptyempty set (null set, diameter)87092205ISOamso
nablanabla (backward difference)87112207ISOtech
isinelement of87122208ISOtech
notinnot an element of87132209ISOtech
nicontains as member8715220BISOtech
prodn-ary product (product sign)8719220FISOamsb
sumn-ary summation87212211ISOamsb
minusminus sign87222212ISOtech
lowastasterisk operator87272217ISOtech
radicsquare root (radical sign)8730221AISOtech
propproportional to8733221DISOtech
andlogical and (wedge)87432227ISOtech
orlogical or (vee)87442228ISOtech
capintersection (cap)87452229ISOtech
cupunion (cup)8746222AISOtech
simtilde operator (varies with, similar to)8764223CISOtech
congapproximately equal to87732245ISOtech
asympalmost equal to (asymptotic to)87762248ISOamsr
nenot equal to88002260ISOtech
equividentical to88012261ISOtech
leless-than or equal to88042264ISOtech
gegreater-than or equal to88052265ISOtech
subsubset of88342282ISOtech
supsuperset of88352283ISOtech
nsubnot a subset of88362284ISOamsn
subesubset of or equal to88382286ISOtech
supesuperset of or equal to88392287ISOtech
opluscircled plus (direct sum)88532295ISOamsb
otimescircled times (vector product)88552297ISOamsb
perpup tack (orthogonal to, perpendicular)886922A5ISOtech
sdotdot operator890122C5ISOamsb
Miscellaneous Technical
lceilleft ceiling (APL upstile)89682308ISOamsc
rceilright ceiling89692309ISOamsc
lfloorleft floor (APL downstile)8970230AISOamsc
rfloorright floor8971230BISOamsc
langleft-pointing angle bracket (bra)90012329ISOtech
rangright-pointing angle bracket (ket)9002232AISOtech
Geometric Shapes
Miscellaneous Symbols
spadesblack spade suit98242660ISOpub
clubsblack club suit (shamrock)98272663ISOpub
heartsblack heart suit (valentine)98292665ISOpub
diamsblack diamond suit98302666ISOpub
Markup-significant and internationalization characters
C0 Controls and Basic Latin
quot"quotation mark (APL quote)340022ISOnum
lt<less-than sign60003CISOnum
gt>greater-than sign62003EISOnum
Latin Extended-A
OEligŒLatin capital ligature OE3380152ISOlat2
oeligœLatin small ligature oe3390153ISOlat2
ScaronŠLatin capital letter S with caron3520160ISOlat2
scaronšLatin small letter s with caron3530161ISOlat2
YumlŸLatin capital letter Y with diaeresis3760178ISOlat2
Spacing Modifier Letters
circˆmodifier letter circumflex accent71002C6ISOpub
tilde˜small tilde73202DCISOdia
General Punctuation
ensp en space81942002ISOpub
emsp em space81952003ISOpub
thinsp thin space82012009ISOpub
zwnjzero width non-joiner8204200CRFC 2070
zwjzero width joiner8205200DRFC 2070
lrmleft-to-right mark8206200ERFC 2070
rlmright-to-left mark8207200FRFC 2070
ndashen dash82112013ISOpub
mdashem dash82122014ISOpub
lsquoleft single quotation mark82162018ISOnum
rsquoright single quotation mark82172019ISOnum
sbquosingle low-9 quotation mark8218201ANEW
ldquoleft double quotation mark8220201CISOnum
rdquoright double quotation mark8221201DISOnum
bdquodouble low-9 quotation mark8222201ENEW
Daggerdouble dagger82252021ISOpub
permilper mille sign82402030ISOtech
lsaquosingle left-pointing angle quotation mark82492039ISO proposed
rsaquosingle right-pointing angle quotation mark8250203AISO proposed
euroeuro sign836420ACNEW

Note that for accented characters, use the following structure (substituting any accentable character for the ‘e’, ‘o’ or ‘i’ in these examples, and note that these are case sensitive!):

  • é = é
  • è = è
  • ö = ö
  • Ü = Ü
  • î = î
  • å = å
  • ç = ç
  • ø = ø
  • ß = ß
  • ñ = ñ

If you need to put in mathematical symbols (especially the < and > symbols, which are usually reserved as tag-markers in HTML) or other unusual symbols, use:

  • < = <
  • > = >
  • ± = ±
  • © = ©
  • ® = ®
  • ° = ° (degree)
  • π = π (pi)
  • μ = μ (micro)
  • £ = £ or £ (pound)
  • € = € (euro symbol)
    Note that this symbol does not work in all fonts, as the font must have the character included in its character set.

Or simply use the digital entity code for the characters (prefixed by &# and ending with a semicolon) as shown in the fourth column of the table.

Note that it is NOT reliable to use digital codes from #129–#159. Even though they appear to work, this is dependent on the native character set used by the platform/browser and so is not a reliable approach when dealing with a non-English readership.

This page is a modification of Jukka Korpela’s page.