Mobile Content

It is increasingly the case that visitors to your website will be using a mobile phone or other portable device – such as an iPad.

It’s therefore critical that your website looks and behaves correctly on mobile web browsers, such as iPhone Safari and Android web clients.

HomePage can convert any existing design to make it part of the mobile web, rebuilding website navigation to enable rapid click-through browsing, repainting the interface to fit within smaller phone-display formats, and integrating rapid-response database-backed website structures that enable information to be queried quickly over often-crowded and low-bandwidth 3G and remote WiFi connections.

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I want to develop an iPhone App! How much does it cost?

There’s no fixed price, as the scope for iPhone Apps (and equally their Android equivalents) is so broad.

But in general, we’d estimate “simple” information-only applications which will display up to date information from a database of content to cost around £800–£1000 to build, and prices rising from there as complexity gets more… complex!

We’re very happy to respond to your requests for a price – just send us your outline plans for your App (which we will treat in strict confidence) and we’ll get back to you with a price and timescale for development. We’ll take care of the complete production process, from initial design to final placement in the Apple/Android Stores.

Will my mobile App integrate with my website?


We cover the full spectrum of development, and will build appropriate connections out of and into your App so that the same tools and information can extend to the web, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. as required.