Online Databases

Practically every website that HomePage builds has a structured, secure and integrated database driving the site content.

We build using MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and Amazon Simple DB, with the choice of platform depending on the level of complexity, security and data-manipulation features required by each project.

With our experience in managing large-format data projects – including eCommerce operations with thousands of product lines, members-only websites that govern access to sensitive data for authorised groups of users, and secure storage of personal details under Data Protection Act conditions – we can build a reliable platform for databases of any size. While some projects may only need a few items of data, we have built several projects in the past decade that support millions of individual records.

Our database-creation experience means that when we build a website, we also consider all of the data throughput for the project. The practical upshot for our clients is that they will be able to mine data from the site, as well as manipulate the data within it.

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Do I need an online database?

Almost all of the sites that we build use a database to drive content. This allows a full content-management system (CMS) to build flexible content, as well as to make information far more searchable and updateable.

Can you connect to my internal data and publish it online?

We’d love to!

Yes. We can build live links from a web page, iPhone App, etc. to your internally-produced data. The connection can pull data from an existing live source such as a Microsoft Access system or a larger-format database, or we can build a filter for you to upload Excel worksheets from which specified information needs to be updated online.