eCommerce & Online Stores

HomePage deals routinely with eCommerce setup, management and control.

Our eCommerce experience covers the full range – from simple single-page order-forms linked to PayPal, through to full-service multi-department stores such as Country Supplies, holding thousands of product lines and taking debit and credit-card payments, including provision for 3D Secure technology.

We can advise you on the most efficient and cost-effective methods for your needs, and construct fully encrypted and secure pages that will give your customers the confidence to pay.

In addition to the payment gateway itself, HomePage has a broad experience of the data structures needed to run an online store, giving you the flexibility to edit product lines, stock codes, availability, prices, VAT issues and more.

Contact us to find out more or to ask any questions.


How much will this cost?

We specialise in customised eCommerce experiences, and so it’s definitely true that we do not compete on cost when it comes to simple, templated stores. There are plenty of suppliers already catering for unsophisticated, standard stores.

But you’re still reading because you’re fussy, you want to make it special, you want to get it right.

Our fees for store-building are likely to run from £4,000/$6,000 through to £20,000+ for intensely customised shopping experiences. But while we aren’t a low-budget service, we are a highly cost-effective one. If you have ambitions to run a complex eCommerce operation without wasting money on a badly-thought-through build, then please contact us to discuss your requirements.

I don’t need anything complicated – can you still help?


While we enjoy building high-end projects with details and complexity that we can really get our teeth into, our experienced team can certainly plan, implement and launch eCommerce operations of any size, from single-item order forms and simple subscription systems to pay-per-view online video.

We welcome your enquiries on projects of any size – and if we feel it’s not a good fit for our skills, we won’t waste your time.

Store building – how long?

In our experience, any eCommerce-oriented project build is likely to involve a lot of to-and-fro between us, our client, and our client’s banking systems, so it’s definitely not the case that online stores of any complexity will be set up within a few days.

Typically, we would expect the build-time for a store to be around 3–6 weeks, with financial issues (specifically, secure collection of payments and feeding of resulting funds to the client’s bank) being negotiated and implemented within the same period.

Naturally, more complex eCommerce projects will take longer. If you contact us with your project plans, we’ll be happy to give you a quick estimate on likely costs and completion timescales.