Often overlooked as a communications medium in a world where instant-messaging is widespread, SMS – a.k.a. mobile phone text-messaging – is still a valuable and flexible method for quickly and efficiently getting small amounts of information directly to its recipient.

HomePage’s gateways to SMS services are integrated into website operations, so that specific triggers on a site – such as a calendar event taking place, or a forum post being added, or a blog updated – can prompt an SMS message to subscribers who have elected to receive it.

We also deal with premium-rate SMS services, including provision of shortcode rentals and complete end-to-end management of incoming and outgoing texts.

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Can I make money from premium SMS?

Of course.

There are two aspects to SMS: an out-bound message to the user’s phone number, which generally carries a small cost to send; and a premium rate SMS response to an in-bound message from the user's phone. We can set up these optional premium-rate responses at different price levels and pass a relevant proportion of the resulting income to you.

We make the setup and operation of SMS services extremely simple for operators and users alike.

What’s a typical example of SMS in practice?

Say you’re a car dealer. We can set up a service for you where you put a code on each car’s windscreen and in press ads for potential buyers to SMS for more information. When they SMS this code, they will receive a premium-rate text back giving them more details of the vehicle (such as mileage, price, service history, etc.).

Similarly, an estate agent or rental lettings agency could give buyers speedy and relevant information about each property on their books.

With the assumption that many customers now carry smartphones (iPhones, Android phones, BlackBerrys etc.), you can include links within your premium-rate response message to much more detailed online information, all governed by the single service that we build for you.

How much does an SMS service cost?

It needn’t cost you anything. If you’re interested in setting up a premium-rate service and we think there is an appropriate level of likely traffic, then we may prefer to share the risk with you and take our income from resulting out-payments from the mobile phone service.

Conversely, if you’re interested in commissioning a more complex service then we’re confident you’ll find our tailored solutions highly cost-effective.