Web Video

HomePage has a long-standing interest in online video – we have been working with the medium since 2002.

Our major project in this area was 50 Lessons – now operated by global business learning leader SkillSoft – for whom we built all of the underlying technologies for the distribution and playback of over 1500 video files. The project included securing access to the video so that only paying clients can view, and dealing with the complexities of simultaneous live subtitles in English and Chinese.

Other projects include building a game-like/animated front-end for the presentation of comedian Bill Bailey’s video updates, and building a secure playback environment for the Charity Learning Consortium’s library of over 1,300 business-development videos.

Our video services include the editing of raw footage into web-quality video files; sourcing and managing appropriate content delivery networks for worldwide streaming or downloadable delivery, and the building of secure environments to ensure only specific audiences have access to video content.

If you have video that you want to put on the web – whether extending your YouTube or Vimeo content to a more branded environment, or restricting access for high-value content to a paying audience – then we’d love to work with you.

Contact us to find out more or to ask any questions.


Is it expensive to build a video-based site?

Not necessarily.

The mechanics of storing and delivering video files are now routine, and costs have plummeted in the past few years, so if all you need is a well-presented environment for your video, our charges for the site-build start at around £400/$600.

Fees will rise – but not massively – for more specialised operations, such as those involving restricted access to high-value content, or access on a subscription-payment basis.

We generally find that video-based projects require a level of tailoring to perfect the look and feel – otherwise you’d just stick it on YouTube! Consequently we’d generally expect most video-based projects to typically involve a build-fee of £2,000–£4,000. But nothing is set in stone, requirements and fees are highly variable, and we’d really like to discuss the options if you have a specific requirement in mind.

I looked at YouTube, but it’s too general. Can you deal with complex video requirements?

We’d love to!

Our experience includes tailoring video for iPhones and iPads, restricting access to video to members-only sites, dealing with subscription-based access to video libraries, delivering video in multiple formats, running live multilingual subtitles for video (including sourcing timed translations for your content) and more.