Hovertravel operates a passenger hovercraft service across the Solent, between Southsea and the Isle of Wight. They commissioned HomePage to build an iPhone app, to better inform travellers of hovercraft flight times, craft positions at sea, ticket prices and special offers.

The app is highly relevant to Hovertravel’s business, as their customers have a choice of ferry service between the two ports and so can use the app to assess whether the hovercraft is their most convenient and cheapest option – which it often is.

Of particular interest is the app’s mapping component, where HomePage built a custom display to show the live positions of all hovercraft along with the current position of the Hoverbus service that carries passengers between the Southsea hoverport and the main Portsmouth railway station. This element of the project highlights HomePage’s expertise in mobile applications and live overlays of the iPhone’s built-in Google mapping systems.

In addition to the iPhone app, HomePage ran a parallel project to produce a Hovertravel mobile website, closely mirroring the content and functionality of the iPhone app for anybody with a mobile web browser.

All app development for this project was performed by HomePage in-house.

Hovertravel app samples